ABC Journalist Jonathan Karl Caught in Yet Another Moment of Mask Hypocrisy

ABC’s Chief News Correspondent Jonathan Karl, who has tried to ‘mask shame’ others in the past, was caught in another moment of hypocrisy after he was seen removing his mask inside the White House press room immediately after the press briefing ended.

“ABC’s @JonKarl thought all the cameras were off, so he removes his mask while still in the White House briefing room, proving for the millionth time the media hacks are the ultimate hypocrites,” tweeted Mark Dice.

The clip shows Karl violating COVID rules by removing his mask while all the other people inside the room leave theirs on.

The scene is particularly ironic because Karl has made a point of trying to ‘mask shame’ others in the past for not covering up.

Back in May, Karl tweeted, “Almost everybody in the Rose Garden is wearing a mask — almost everybody,” tweeted Karl, along with four images of news reporters in the Rose Garden all wearing masks apart from Fox News’ John Roberts, who had briefly removed it.

However, Karl himself was previously caught not wearing a mask while picking up tacos in DC on Cinco de Mayo. Pictures show him walking around talking on the phone without a mask while others in the background wear them.

As we previously highlighted, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, who tried to shame Trump administration officials for not wearing face masks, was forced to go on the defensive after she was caught removing her own mask immediately after a press briefing ended.

Do as we say, not as we do!


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