Blank Covid Vaccine Card : How to Download and Complete


The official CDC Vaccine Card

For Patriots that will not give in to the Medical Tyranny

Published December 20th, 2020

In the full on authoritarian system that we find ourselves in today we must stand strong for our principles. This article is not to discuss the vaccine itself. If you found this page you most likely already know enough about the “vaccine” to know to avoid it. But what if a day comes where refusal to take it could put your livelihood in jeopardy? It may come sooner than we think. Here is how to make a counterfeit vaccination record for you and your family.

how to download:


Click the button above to download the .PDF file.

Once you have this pdf saved to your computer you can either print the card and fill the information in by hand or you can edit it with a pdf editor to add your information. The more effort you put in at this point will make the card look more legitimate. I would recommend buying card stock type paper instead of using regular printer paper.

Step 1 : Fill out your personal information

Step 2 : Patient Number (medical record or IIS number)

Lets look at some examples.

We have an advantage here because the format is not consistent. In the first example we see a seven digit number and on the second it is blank. This is because there is no guidance for clinics on what kind of information they need to put on the card. Your job will not be able to actually verify any of this information and will not try because medical records are private. We just need it to pass a smell test. If you can make the card look legitimate then you will be good to go.

Add a random seven digit number in this spot.

Step 3 : Product Name/Manufacturer/Lot number

In the two examples we see two different formats. We will use this to our advantage again. Think about how the situation would work if you actually went in to get it. It would be an informal setting and they would be trying to get people in and out quickly. This information could be hand written in. The more legit you make it look the less likely it will be questioned. You can easily go buy printable sticker labels to forge like the second example or type it into the PDF like the first. In my opinion handwritten will be acceptable.

This is the relevant information to put in this box.

Lot # EH9899

At the time of this article this information is passable. Let’s say that if you do this in two months maybe change the lot number. The key here is that if you make it look believable then it will be believable. This could also work:

Lot # EH9948

Or another scenario would be when they roll out the Morderna version just change a few things:

SARS-COV Vaccine/Moderna
Lot:EH12007 EXP 12-12-21

Your job/school is not going to scrutinize these cards. They aren’t going to look up batch numbers or anything like that and they wouldn’t be able to anyway.

Step 4 : Healthcare Professional or Clinic Site

Notice in the two examples that this section is simply filled with the clinic site. There is no Doctor or Nurse signature and we will once again use this to our advantage. PVH and UWCSN are used in the example. What do those abbreviations mean? Who knows? That’s the point we can easily fill this section in with a few minutes of research. Look up local clinics in your area where they are giving the vaccine and fill this section in with the appropriate information.

Now you are Vaccinated




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    1. Exactly 3″x4″, including the border. Notice that the lines do not go all the way to the edges and that there is a border all around. This file does not print to those dimensions. You will have to experiment with reducing the size e.g. print at 98%, 95% and see what works. It is also printed on card stock (not sure of the exact weight) and the back is blank, even though all the files I have seen have a 2nd page. There was nothing on the back of the one I saw.

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