Mask Hypocrisy: Gov Members Again Prove Rules Don’t Apply To Them

Mask Hypocrisy: Gov Members Again Prove Rules Don’t Apply To Them

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While the political world erupted when an undercover video of Nancy Pelosi showed her massless in a hair salon, she’s not the only politician. Governor Cuomo was also pictured walking on a New York City street without a mask. Both of these politicians have been insistent Americans wear a mask, and some politicians have even suggested a mask is worn at home. But we’re finding out more and more than when it comes to the government, the same rules don’t apply. And that was revealed in the most ironic way: with the New York State Liquor Authority board members. 

The New York State Liquor Authority board is under fire for members who weren’t wearing mask. This government board is responsible for finding small businesses who don’t comply to the mask law, which included a $1500 dollar fine to one business for employees not wearing masks. The Times Union reported that SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley and Commissioners Lily Fan and Greely Ford sat “socially distanced,” but did not wear masks as they sat in a meeting where they reviewed restaurant and bar fines. 

In the meeting, the panel issued five fines to restaurants and bars for not wearing masks. During the meeting, another individual walked in, without a mask, and handed papers to the group. 

By the end of he meeting, he panel had approved fines and penalties that would cost businesses in total of tens of thousands of dollars. 

But the group doesn’t believe they did anything wrong. In a statement to the Times Union, SLA spokesperson William Crowley said, ‘The format of the meeting was designed to provide for social distancing, and we have advised everyone that COVID-related protocols must be followed at all times.”

The hypocrisy is similar to when Dr. Fauci attended the season’s first Yankees Game, and sat with two other individuals. All three didn’t wear masks. 

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