Shadow-gate: A short summary

Shadow-gate: A short summary



1) Imagine a pipeline where every single phone and electronic communication bundles of data in the USA flows to the NSA & is kept in a database for 72 hours .. so that your government can spy on people that are deemed dangerous.(through a FISA court)

2) Now imagine a bunch of Obama people, generals, private firms & 3 letter agency bosses who got together & secretly drilled a hole in the pipeline .. and redirected the data to their private servers, based overseas (Germany, Ukraine, China etc..)

3) They then developed machine learning AI software designed to target specific groups of people to accomplish certain goals:

-Influence an election
-induce riots
-Promote a product
-Influence people moods
-push narratives
etc.. etc..

This is done by using all the data they collected over the years on people, and creating statistical models of behavior for each individual, and then predicting how each individual will react to various stimulus, and by extent predict how entire groups or nations react.

4) Now imagine this system also provides talking points to all the major news channel … to direct the narrative

5) Finally this system is controlled by the ‘deep state’ globalists and operates now in every western nations on earth.

Sounds too crazy to be true?? Check the video below:

About Trump and Roger Stone:

Trump to his credit, refused to engage in the targeted information warfare – despite the fact that Roger Stone advised him to. Trump realized quickly this was a trap, and decided to distance himself from Roger Stone early in the campaign. Clearly it was the right thing to do in retrospect. Despite that – Stone had been his friend for 40 years and never turned on him, and neither did Trump turn on Stone. Loyalty is clearly one of Trump’s values.

Personally I don’t understand the big deal Alex Jones made on this documentary. The fact that Stone would consider purchasing the services of a private firm engaging in information warfare when that’s precisely what the democrats do 24/7 100% of the time seems, on the surface, reasonable.


The one big downfall of AI generated talking points for news is that AI is highly subject to trolling.

When every ‘journalists’ in the country get their AI generated talking points at the same time, hoping the computers have done all the thinking for them …they suddenly all fall in the same traps at the same time!!

Trolling is not COMPUTATIONAL!!!

Which is why Trump has been so successful at making the entire news and main stream media industry look dumb.

Finally: this is also the reason why Memes are so dangerous to them.

Sadly for them, the AI is not intelligent enough to deal with Memes.




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