VICE writers are Antifa apologists who excuse acts of terrorism and murder on the streets of America

In memoriam to his life as an Antifa domestic terrorist, VICE News writer Donovan Farley of Portland has written an article praising the now-deceased Michael Forest Reinoehl, also of Portland, as if he was some kind of national hero worthy of Americans’ respect.

Farley recently tweeted about how the piece he “dropp[ed]” on Sept. 3 aims to help Antifa at large gain more “mainstream acceptance” throughout the country. It also alleges that Reinoehl was a victim of terrorism himself by the “Feds,” which Farley says “lie[d] about their identities, (and) beat detained protester and shoot (sic) her up with Ketamine,” all after independent journalist Andy Ngô “doxed her, putting her on the feds’ radar.”

Hailley Nolan, the detained protester in question, went on a tweet storm following her encounter with the Feds in Portland. She made all kinds of claims that Farley, an outspoken supporter of Antifa, took at face value in writing his piece blasting the federal government and honoring Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) for “protesting” the “fascists.”

As to be expected, Farley received all kinds of backlash on Twitter, to which he responded in the affirmative that he does, in fact, support Antifa. He further suggested that he is closely allied with and connected to its members, having threatened one user with an Antifa “welcome committee.”

“Since Richard Spencer thinks he & his cowards could ‘kill the antifa with our bare hands’ I’d like to invite him to PDX w/o a cop escort,” Farley proudly tweeted. “I can totally arrange a welcome committee to test his theories.”

By the way, Farley’s continued agitation is part of the Democrat plan to create chaos in the leadup to the Nov. election. Listen below to The Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, to learn more:

Donovan Farley is also a racist

Beyond the violence, fighting fascism, at least to Donovan Farley, also includes expressing overtly racist sentiments. That is exactly what this bearded white guy did to Andy Ngô after the independent journalist exposed Antifa’s on-the-ground activities in Portland.

“Andy. We get it. You wish you were white,” Farley, a white person, tweeted with pride.

“You’ll do anything to loved (sic) by the whitest whites in Whiteville,” he added in the now-deleted tweet. “You wish you were a real journalist with real bylines. You are neither though – you’re just pathetic.”

The truth is that Donovan Farley wishes he was not white. He also apparently wishes he was a real-life anti-fascist rather than a far-left anarcho-fascist and unabashed racist who the minute he does not like what someone has to say – in this case Ngô – immediately starts spewing his venomous racism.

The fact of the matter is that the world is slightly better off now that Reinoehl is no longer in it. And Farley is simply heartbroken that one of his comrades met what he believes to have been an unjust fate, even though most of the rest of the world is breathing a sigh of relief that one more Antifa terrorist is off the streets.

“Donovan may well likely be facing #sedition charges at some point being a part of #MockingbirdMedia. So, there’s that,” wrote Twitter user @JillyBeanTukee (RELATED: You can learn more about Operation Mockingbird and how it impacts the media’s news coverage by checking out an earlier report).

“This is the same way they treat black conservatives,” wrote another about Farley’s lashing out against Ngô for being Asian, which is basically the equivalent of Farley calling a black conservative the “N” word.

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