Viral Video of Doctors Countering Coronavirus Narrative Being Deleted

Viral Video of Doctors Countering Coronavirus Narrative Being Deleted



A group of doctors stood in Washington DC and recorded a video countering the coronavirus narrative. The video received instant attention and garnered many millions of views overnight. Overnight on Facebook it rose up to the #2 most engaged post site wide. The video was live-streamed with 185,000 viewers. It had over 17 million views before it was removed from Facebook. It’s also been highly targeted for censorship and been deleted from Twitter, YouTube, and Google.

Facebook’s Communication Director, Andy Stone, openly admitted to deleting the video. He says “we removed it for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19.” However Andy Stone does not appear to have any medical credentials and he does not indicate what contrary information he has that proves the video is false information. In this case social media ‘experts’ outweigh the medical advice of actual doctors.

The group is called America’s Frontline Doctors. Their site motto says that “American life has fallen casualty to a massive disinformation campaign.” In the presentation various doctors speak at the podium about personal experiences with patients and problems with the medical industry. They describe the effectiveness of therapeutic treatments and how those treatments are being suppressed in favor of ventilator and hysteria.

There’s growing evidence to support expanded use of hydroxycholoroquine. A Henry Ford study showed that the therapeutic took the crude-mortality rate from 26.4% to 13.5%. Their study was published in the International Journal of Infections Diseases and President Trump even tweeted about it. The deep state media complex was quick to reply, publishing articles hours later that warn of dangers.

The findings are completely opposite of what many top medical experts and mainstream media outlets were telling us. Early in the coronavirus pandemic anecdotal reports from physicians internationally were met with skepticism. Major outlets in the US panned the drug as dangerous and highly risky. The President was ridiculed for suggesting it’s use, even after announcing he had been taking it for several days.

Study Details:

  • 2,541 Patients Participated in the Study with an average hospital stay of 6 days.
  • 26.4% crude mortality rate for those getting neither drug
  • 22.4% crude mortality rate for those getting azithromycin alone
  • 20.1% crude mortality rate for those getting hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin
  • 18.1% crude mortality rate for the entire group
  • 13.5% crude mortality rate for those getting hydroxychloroquine alone

Growing censorship of the effectiveness of certain treatments against coronavirus is alarming. The medical industry carries out the practice of medicine. There is a constant quest for improving results, quicker treatments, and more powerful cures. It’s normal for scientific fields to question findings but the method of suppressing legitimate results has taken this dispute to full on propaganda. The motive is certainly designed to suppress use of the therapeutic treatments for one reason or another. The victims unfortunately are wholly unaware of potential life-saving treatments being withheld.

Studies on the drugs effectiveness go back more than 50 years. The FDA first approved it in 1955 after one of it’s derivative of chemicals was discovered by Hans Andersag while he worked for Bayer in Germany. The family of drugs is effective against lupus, tumors, and various kinds of viral infections. The exact mechanism of the drug is not completely understood, but it’s presumed to somehow protect DNA by bonding with it.

Various anecdotal reports of questionable reporting practices and genuine failures paint a broader picture of intentional inflation. Dozens of clinics in Florida have submitted numbers that were 100% positive. Colorado has revised numbers down, sometimes as much as 25% at a time. Other states have been caught reporting the same case multiple times.

Various Governors have also been called out on policies that placed positive cases into nursing homes. Mixing a dangerous viral disease with then country’s most sensitive population is insanity. Temporary hospitals sat empty while the policy exposed many elderly and caused thousands of unnecessary deaths. Decisions to place the most infections with the highest risk demographic could be considered negligent homicide. A prosecutor could rightly ask, why a single positive case went to a nursing home while field hospitals sat empty.

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