Soros-funded district attorneys keep releasing violent terrorists back onto the streets, allowing them to continue terrorizing innocent Americans

While it might feel encouraging to hear reports about domestic terrorist “protesters” finally being taken into custody for their crimes, too many of them are being immediately bailed out by corrupt, George Soros-backed district attorneys (DAs) – in some cases numerous times in a row.

Take 26-year-old Kristopher Michael Donnelly of Kelso, Wash., for instance. He was reportedly arrested and released four different times over the past several months, the possible good news being that his most recent arrest appears to have escalated to actual federal charges.

However, the previous three arrests all had the same outcome: quick bail or release by the county. Independent journalist Andy Ngô covered the Donnelly saga at-length in a recent piece he wrote for The Post Millennial, illustrating the corruption that exists within the highest levels of government to keep violent terrorists on the streets rather than in prison where they belong.


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