‘Utterly unfounded’: COVID will not overwhelm hospitals, Ontario nurse tells Premier Ford

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‘Frankly, one of the biggest complaints I have heard from doctors during lockdown is excruciating boredom.’


May 7, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) —  The website, Take Action Canada, includes a large number of articles, mostly from, or by, or about health care workers very upset with the Ontario Government’s totally failed COVID policies. Don’t think that the Emergency doctors who have demanded another crippling, people-killing lockdown represent all, or even most Ontario health care workers – they certainly do not.

We are learning that the Ontario government is being heavily influenced by Big Pharma, the corrupt Gates and Chinese Communist Party funded World Health Organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation itself, the New World Order / Great Reset promoting World Economic Forum, and other powerful interests. They all have a large political and profit-driven agenda to dramatically change our world into a one-world socialist utopia that will be more of a Hell on earth if they succeed. Most have openly stated that they see this pandemic as a wonderful opportunity to rapidly advance their goals.

Yes, people have certainly being dying, as they do in large numbers every year. In Ontario, by far the largest percentage of COVID deaths have been seriously health-compromised elderly people in nursing and other long-term care homes. Ontario, and Canada in general, have one of the worst records of any nation on earth regarding COVID deaths in those institutions with vulnerable elderly persons.

And now, Ontario’s news media and the government are likely hiding from us that, “the majority of people now coming down with COVID-19 have been vaccinated against the virus,” as revealed by leading Yale researcher Dr. Harvey Risch (an MD and professor). And yet, Ford is advocating a huge increase in the number of vaccinations as supposedly the only solution to the pandemic, which is actually now at an endemic stage, regardless of all the horror stories that you see and hear in the media.

More vaccinations will certainly result in more infected persons in hospitals. Many of those are younger than those infected without vaccination, which is clearly NOT the solution, although it does, at this time, generally appear to be helpful for the compromised elderly in the short term. It appears to reduce the severity of symptoms – and that is mostly all that it does. It certainly does not prevent infection for a significant number of the vaccinated. But, of course, we have no evidence of vaccine safety over the long-term, because the COVID vaccines are a radically new kind of vaccine and have had no long-term testing. Many medical professionals are warning that the long-term negative side effects could very well be much worse that the numerous deaths and injuries experienced so far from these injections. Long-term effects, we are warned, are often worse for new vaccines.

Among its many articles and videos, Take Action Canada includes the following letter from an Ontario nurse that is highly critical of the Ontario government’s disastrous COVID policies. The letter is anonymous because disagreement with government COVID policy is not tolerated.



“Nurse Andrea” (the Ontario RN who has been blowing the whistle on the fake pandemic) recently sent a letter to the premier-dictator of Ontario, regarding his current round of treasonous stay-at-home (unless you want to go out) orders.

An…. BScN, RN




Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Premier Doug Ford

Health Minister Christine Elliot

Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams

MPP Jane McKenna

Dear Public Servants,

Ignore the shrill fear-mongering of my healthcare worker colleagues. Do not be guilt-tripped into further issuing lockdowns. Rather, open up immediately. 

I am a registered nurse with 18-years of experience working on the hospital front line, including ICU, Emergency, and various inpatient departments in many institutions. Overwhelmed hospitals existed long before Covid. I have seen elderly people looking rather grey or blue, dumped into closets and common areas, without piped oxygen, many a-flu-season ago working at large urban hospitals with decaying infrastructure and lack of beds. Working triage during the wicked flu season of 2018 (without a mask, not a sick day took), I remember walls of people crammed into the waiting room due to lack of space and hospital overwhelm daily. 

It is from this context of my experience that I read this letter by my colleagues demanding lockdown and I wonder if they have gotten soft and forgotten what a busy hospital looks like. Too many days with the ER running at half-capacity through most of the pandemic lockdowns, easily verified through publicly available hospital data, has perhaps set a new standard of leisure time at work. Frankly, one of the biggest complaints I have heard from doctors during lockdown is excruciating boredom. 

The threats of impending catastrophe in our hospitals are utterly unfounded. The claim that we face another Italy or New York was used to issue lockdowns last March, again in December, and once again today. Reality never seems to match the modelling and we are in the process of completely discrediting ourselves. As the saying goes: “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.” 

As politicians, health leaders, and front-line workers, the looming tsunami we truly face is that of the public’s contempt for destroying their lives for no reason. Trust me, they are waking up. 



I have no doubt that this letter is authentic. We have seen increasing numbers of Ontario health care workers expressing open disgust for the abusive and ridiculously ineffective policies that the government has implemented to allegedly try to end the pandemic in the province. It is a national disgrace, but more, it is criminal given that the alleged cure has been much worse than the virus itself. It is destroying the economic, social and even spiritual fabric of the province while well-proven, very inexpensive, totally safe medication and supplement protocols have been rejected and ridiculed by the medical bureaucrats, most of whom do not now and, in many cases, have never treated COVID patients. 

The simplest and best solution to Ontario’s COVID situation is to consult with only those physicians who have had great success treating COVID infected patients and great success preventing infection in their other vulnerable patients. This is not rocket science. The government must courageously ignore the intense pressure from the media, who are aligned with the pharmaceutical industry and the international groups named above, who are very aggressively using this pandemic for their own cruel purposes.

And Premier Doug Ford should dramatically change how he is dealing with this pandemic, or he should resign. 



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